• great sounding handmade high quality masters for:
    • iTunes / Apple Music
    • Tidal
    • Spotify
    • Bandcamp, etc.
    • CD
    • Vinyl Pre-Master
  • chose CD format or any or all of the upload formats.
  • NO automatic mastering algorithms.
  • an engineer hand-crafts every master.
  • warm, rich, powerful, debthy, airy and subby.

  • each track master is charged the same:
    • individual tracks
    • singles
    • EP tracks
    • album tracks
  • album and EP masters are matched level and EQ.
  • free mix advice before mastering.
  • mastered from your uploaded..
    • ..stereo file
    • ..up to 4 stems ³
    • ..up to 5 min ⁴

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  • high quality mixes of your multi-tracks
  • professional, great sounding, powerful results
  • following your guide mix, notes and references
  • mastering is included
  • free mix advice before mixing
  • Ask for more details


  • high quality mixes of your multi-tracks as a core
  • adding new sounds, effects, instruments and percussion
  • re-amping, re-modeling, or replacing tracks
  • re-pitching vocals and instruments, adding harmonies,
  • editing, re-timing and re-grooving rhythmic elements
  • re-structuring and re-arranging the song
  • of course all in collaboration with you and your agreement.
  • Ask for more details


  • this includes meeting, preparation, recording and much more,
  • as it is not an online service, I have a whole other website for this.
  • if you are interested in a whole production please go to my PRODUCER PAGE


  • on location recording
  • studio recording
  • recording in my studio
  • Ask for more details

Spatial master

master / convert spatial audio

  • VR, AR, Ambisonics
  • Motion-Tracked Binaural (MTB)
  • Quad, Binaural
  • 360º, 5.1 Surround
  • 7.1 Surround
  • Ask for more details

Spatial audio mix

mix and encode for/with:

  • VR, AR, Ambisonics
  • Motion-Tracked Binaural (MTB)
  • Quad, Binaural
  • 360º, 5.1 Surround
  • 7.1 Surround
  • Ask for more details

Restore audio

  • Click removal
  • Noise removal
  • Hum removal
  • Audiofile Edit
    and more…
  • Ask for more details

Session file work

  • Session recovery ⁵
  • Mix recovery
  • Mix match
  • Remove vocals / instr
  • Reload and bounce parts
  • Replace drums
  • Replace instruments
  • Ask for more details

  1. prices are 2017 for an unattended online session in US Dollar, please e-mail me with your requirements for a detailed quote.
  2. MASTER / MIX  up to 3 revisions per song.
  3. MASTER: or more than 4 stereo stems add $8¹ per additional stereo stem per song.
  4. MASTER: If the song length exceeds 5 minutes length, add $10¹ per additional audio minute.
  5. E.g.: You do not have access to the same system of the original studio session of an in-the-box mix. You want to change, edit, or bounce parts, or additional versions. Or redo a mix with a different level/sound relation. Depending on the original session data, I might be able to help. Please e-mail me for more details.