The first step is to contact us via the form on our contact page. Tell us what you would like us to do, what primary master format you want, and let us know the day you would like to have the work finished by. All the other options of the contact form are explained below.

In return you will receive an email and a link to send us your mp3 demo of your project. After listening back, we will send you some feedback and give you notice about the earliest session start date or a delivery date.

Once we decide to work together, and we both agreed to the direction and schedule, you upload the prepared files, and PayPal us 50% to get the mastering process started.


mastering from your stereo mix as a source.
mastering from your 2 – 4 stereo stems as source.
EP tracks matched to each other in loudness and eq.
Album tracks matched to each other in loudness and eq.
file for CD manufacturing.
hi-res file prepared for Vinyl manufacturing, including all the necessary de-essing and HF and LF cut, and mono-ed bass end.
master upload file in hi-resolution within the recommended loudness guidelines for: iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, Pandora, YouTube etc.
speedy master if you are in a hurry. We prioritize your master, if possible. We will contact you as soon as we get your contact form notice. This works for up to 5 tracks stereo master or 4 tracks stem master. If it is more, or an album, it switches to a 48 hour master.
This is done if you want to achieve a tape sound for a possibly digital, in-the box mix. We convert and record the mix onto our ¼" tape machine and then back into our system mastering. (D digital / A analog / D digital).
You send us your ¼" tape with all necessary lead in reference tones, and we use that as a master source to master from. (A analog / D digital)
DDP coded master file zipped package including metadata for CD text, appropriate fades and timed gaps for upload to a CD manufacturer, or your archive. This file needs to be checked by you before pressing and you receive a download link and an app recommendation (DDP player phone apps are widely available).
You want to listen to the track or the album on a CD player to check how it sounds like. We make and send you a Reference CD by mail.
We send you a pdf of the actual price list with current discounts.